The skilled teams at FD Networks play a crucial role in the management of multi-disciplines in the communications field with competence and confidence. We are one of the leading companies in Iraq for the processing, installing, operating and servicing of wireless & telecommunications systems.

With a custom-tailored organizational structure and 18 years of business experience, FD Networks is capable of rendering seamless, quality assured and timely-implemented first class engineering works in almost every field of modern telecommunications.

Our scope of services is positioned within supplying, installing, operating and commissioning of:

Wired Communications

PABXs of small, medium and large capacities

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Key systems

  • Soft switches

Wireless Communications

  • Conventional wireless systems (HF, VHF and UHF)

  • Trunking systems (Digital & Analog)

  • GPS applications

  • FM broadcasting transmitters

  • System accessories (towers, masts, earthing systems , UPS, cables and cables’ ladders)


We are agents to Coweaver Co. in Iraq, which provides optical telecommunications network solutions that transmit and weave voice, video and data through fiber optic cables for telecommunication uses. This partnership enables us to offer more advanced technologies and better maintenance services; aiming to be the world’s leading telecommunication solutions provider for upcoming ubiquitous 4G networks.

We offer the following services:

  • Optical transmission DWDM, SDH, PDH, FTTX

  • Network Management System (NMS) Additional optical activities (splicing, laying cables test and determining damage location in optical cables).

  • Microwave

Encryption of Communication Devices

FD are agents to several international companies, such as:

  • Pinpoint

  • Rode & Schwarz (Radio Communications Systems, Professional Mobile

  • Radio Systems, Encryption Solutions, Monitoring and Direction Find system

  • Jana

Our company deals in many levels of encryption and various frequency ranges (HF, VHF & UHF), and are equipped to wire telephone encryption (land line telephones) and mobile devices (GSM).

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